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Specialist Diploma in Applied Psychology - 924 Hours

Programme Synopsis

The study of psychology provides an insight to the study of human nature and behavior. Psychology is a fascinated systematic study of behavior and experience about what we see, hear, and think and not just about what we do. Psychology is based on the study of mind and mental processing and between thought and human behavior

The aims of the course are to enhance students’ knowledge of psychology theory and to develop a broad understanding of theories applied to practical aspects of social and cognitive psychology, child development and adaptive behavior. The course also teaches research methods and interpretation of research data. You will develop a deeper understanding of psychological theory and methodology, cultural motivations that drive us to do what we do, and how to think about psychological issues logically and responsibly.

This programme is highly recommended for school leavers who wish to pursue a career in psychology and for those who work in the fields of social science, education, healthcare settings, human resource management, counselling and other related fields.

Programme Structure & Duration

The Specialist Diploma in Applied Psychology is 24 months (full time) and 36 months (part time) programme.

Full time students will be enrolled in three modules and part time students will be enrolled in two modules per term basis. Each term comprises of 12 weeks. Students have to attend classes twice per week. Each session = 3.5 hours.

We have day time and evening classes. The Specialist Diploma in Applied Psychology will award you 240 Credit Accumulation Transfer (CATS) points to gain the Diploma awarded by IPMA UK.

Aims & Objectives

  • Understand the major philosophical issues in psychology.

  • Describe the historical development of the field of psychology.

  • Understand the general principles of psychological research.

  • Describe the major school of psychology, their proponents and their ideas on the study of psychology.

  • Describe the steps involved in scientific research.

  • Explain the meaning of statistical significance.

  • Understand the function of the brain and its components.

  • Describe basic general principles of growth and development.

  • Understand the cause of mental disorder.

  • Describe the treatment for mental illnesses.

  • Describe the theory of evolution, cognition, perception, sensation, conditioning and caused of abnormal behaviors.

  • Describe the perspective of learning and remembering.

  • Understand the cultural and social aspects of behaviors.

  • Understand the states of consciousness

  • Understand the psychology of aging

  • Describe and apply the basic psychological biases that can interfere with rational thought and sound decision-making.

Entry Requirement

It would suit professionals and graduates with 3 GCE “O” Level with credit in English, or relevant certificates or equivalent. Applicants with other experiences and / or qualifications will be considered.

The diploma programme is open to students who do not qualify under the above entry requirements may be granted entry if they are of mature age (21 years of age) and have relevant working experience

School leavers will NITEC/’N’ level have to complete the Diploma in Counselling Psychology awarded by IPMA-UK for admission.

Admission to the programme is subject to panel interview from Mind Map Business School and approval of The International Professional Managers Association (IPMA), United Kingdom (UK).

Compulsory Modules

PSY 3101 - Introduction to Psychology

PSY 3102 - Life span developmental Psychology

PSY 3103 - Research Methods in Psychology

PSY 3104 - Psychology of Human Sexuality

PSY 3105 - Abnormal Psychology

PSY 3106 - Organization & Industrial Psychology

PSY 3107 - Counselling & Psychotherapy

PSY 3108 - Psychotic & Organic Disorders

PSY 3109 - Neuropsychology

PSY 3110 - Social Psychology

PSY 3111 - Evolutionary Psychology

PSY 3112 - Psychology of Childhood & Adolescence

PSY 3113 - Psychology of Aging

PSY 3114 - Cognitive Psychology
PSY 3115 - Professional Ethics & Law

PSY 3116 - Statistic Research Methodology

PSY 3117 - Motivation & Emotion

PSY 3118 - Environmental Psychology

PSY 3119 - Psychology of Sensation & Perception

PSY 3120 - Memory, Intelligence and States of Mind

PSY 3121 - Psychology of Learning

PSY 3122 - Drugs & Human behavior

PSY 3123 - Psychology of Decision Making

PSY 3124 - Psychology of Sociology

Fee Structure

Full Time Fee S$700 per module

Part Time Fee S$600 per module

Registration Fee S$100

Study Material S$250

Academic Progression

The programme is also geared towards the preparation of entry-level pathway for Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, The International Professional Manager Association (IPMA) United Kingdom (UK)

Assessments Methods

Students of this programme will be assessed by a combination of assignments, examinations, test, class participation, presentations, projects and/or role-play. Each module would have different assessment weightage depending on respective programme requirements.

Career Opportunity

Graduates of this programme will be able to serve in the diverse settings, from social service sectors to business/organisations.

Information / Enquiry

For more information & further enquiry, please contact us at Tel: 6339 8446 or email: info@mindmapsg.com

We are most delight to hear from you and to assist you in any way we can.

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